Eye Treatments

Tinting gives a longer and thicker appearance to eyelashes and emphasises the eyebrow. It is also waterproof. Perfectly groomed brows provide a flattering frame for your eyes and can even have a lifting effect. Whether yours need thinning out or filling in, I can pluck, wax, and tint to perfection.

Price List

Eyelash Tinting – €12

Eyebrow Waxing/Shaping – €8

Eyebrow Tinting – €8

Eyebrow Tinting and Shape – €14

Eyebrow Shape/Tint/Eyelash Tint – €25


Eye tint is a form of hair dye developed for specific use on the eyes. Eyelash tinting produces a similar effect to mascara. It visibly lengthens, darkens and thickens the appearance of eyelashes without smudging, clotting or rubbing off. The treatment is quick, cheap, safe and widely available in beauty salons across the world. You should come in at least 24 hours before your appointment for a patch test if you have not tinted your lashes before.