With the pain associated with waxing it’s surprising that so many people actually choose to include it as part of their beauty regime! However there are lots of advantages to being waxed, so those who do decide to get waxed regularly obviously find the benefits outweigh the discomfort. In fact, the discomfort of being waxed is usually exaggerated, and as long as you visit a professional beauty therapist or waxing salon the ‘pain’ should only last a few seconds at most, and as they say … no pain, no gain!

Oritree wax has been the market leader for 15 years as it is a chemical free organic resin is gently applied to the skin and removed with strips of fabric. The wax is organic and is chemical free. It adheres to the hair not the skin and is therefore less painful than some. Over the years I have tried other products and methods but the results have never been as good – My clients love the results they get with Oritree. It is suitable for all parts of the body.


Price List

Upper lip wax – €8

Chin wax – €8

Lip & Chin wax – €12

Eyebrow wax – €8

Half arm wax – €15

Full arm wax – €20

Underarm wax – €10

Half leg wax – €20

3/4 Leg Wax – 25

Full leg wax – €30

Regular Bikini (Just Tidy) – €12

Californian Bikini (Extra Tidy Regular Bikini)– €15

Brazilizian Bikini (Landing Strip) – €20

Hollywood Bikini wax (completely Bare Front and Back) – €25

Full Leg/Bikini/Underarm – from €50

Half Leg/Bikini/Underarm – from €40

Back wax – from €25

Chest wax – from €25

Waxing tips

  • Have a bath before having a wax to open your hair follicles and make the process easier but don’t have a bath/shower for at least 24 hours after a wax.
  • Try not to use products on your skin once you have had a wax as the skin will be extra sensitive.
  • Wear loose clothing when going for your wax to make you more comfortable afterwards.
  • Exfoliate the desired area regularly – you’ll achieve better results when waxed.